December 25, 2010


Happy Holidays!
It is officially Christmas Day and after a day of family, friends and food I am enjoying a quiet night before the first Snow Storm of the year!
With most of the fabulous gifts put away and just a few mingling under the tree (for those loved family members coming next weekend) it is time to prepare for the New Year! With the New Year comes a fresh start to many things, including some of my interior decorating ideas! With so many GREAT Sales starting tomorrow this is the time to stock up on discounted holiday décor for next year as well as a few new pieces for the home.

Wisteria by Ecsuash on

One of my favorite shops for home décor is Wisteria. They have everything from the best tote bags to magical mirrors and luxurious throws. Their attention to detail on all of their products makes everything a great buy!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Happy & Healthy New Year!

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