December 2, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!

Here are a few of my all-time favorite things! Can you relate to any of them?

1.      Maybelline Great Lash Mascara- It may sound like an odd item to put first on my list… but I couldn’t live without it! I prefer this mascara over any other fancy smancy brand I have ever bought. Often times I will venture off and try something new but always find myself returning to this neon pink bottle.

2.      Leggings- Not only are leggings this year’s new must have item but they are the most comfortable item of clothing that you can possibly wear out! I retreat to my leggings every weekend. They can dress an outfit up with some nice tall boots, classy stiletto pumps or relax with a nice fuzzy pear of Uggs. Which brings me to my next item…

3.      Uggs- Who can live without them! Each step in a pair of Uggs is like floating on air. They are cute yet comfortable and by far the only item that keeps my toes warm all winter! They are a versatile boot that can be used (and often times is) all year round.

4.      Puppies- Why else would I have named my blog after them? My two puppies are my life! No matter how bad your day or how bad your mood once I enter my home and see these two little faces come running at me everything just washes away. Their unconditional love is priceless and the enjoyment that they bring to me every day is unforgettable.

5.      Thymes Frasier Fir Candles- Thanks to my friend Lindsay I have found my best holiday accessory! Since my husband and I have decided to go with a fake tree (due to my favorite item #4) I have missed the smell of Christmas pine trees! Well, not any longer! This candle goes above and beyond any Yankee candle that I have ever smelled and I wait all year to take it out! I strongly recommend this to everyone this holiday season!

6.      Dr Scholl's For Her Fast Flats- I am pretty sure this goes without saying! Whoever invented this is genius! I cannot even count how many times I have come home barefoot after a night out! Now you can simply throw these as an amazing backup plan in your oversized bag! Just don’t forget your shoes anywhere!

7.      Facebook- Yes, it’s kind of cliché but who doesn’t love Facebook? It’s a great way to stay connected with so many people in one way! I can talk to family and friends and stay updated on all of life’s recent events. My husband refuses to join and there is no way for me to explain to him what he is missing! I think he will cave in soon.

8.      HGTV- This is my go-to channel on any given day. Now that I have hit my late 20’s and am a homeowner I find joy in learning little design DIY projects! I know I am not alone in this little obsession!

9.      Johnson’s Baby Lotion- Back to basics! I feel that moisturizing everyday is a necessity and with all of the fancy lotions and creams out there it is hard to find your perfect one. For me it all goes back to the first lotion that was ever on me! It is gentle yet extremely moisturizing. For anyone who has sensitive skin like me then this is a great solution! Plus smelling like a baby is always relaxing on its own.  

10.   Snuggies- I know that this has become one of this year’s most controversial items but I love mine! As I sit here and type fully covered in a blanket of warmth I am thankful that someone finally made a blanket with arms! My husband thinks I look like a monk but I think I look like a warm lady enjoying everything from a glass of wine to a fine book. Everyone should own a Snuggie! My dogs even have one!

What are some of your favorite things?

“I would rather have my money where I can see it… hanging in my closet”

I would be honest in saying that I have a shopping addiction. I shop when I am sad, I shop when I am happy, I impulse shop and I basically shop for any season/holiday/birthday at anytime of the year! Shopping is by far my favorite pastime and although this might come across as ridiculous my one confession is that I always shop for a bargain!
I cannot remember the last time I paid full price for anything! With a world of endless coupons, internet codes and discount stores it just boggles my mind that some feel it is ok to spend $300 on a pair of jeans! I would defiantly declare myself in the category of a Maxonista and although I do shop at high-end stores, I always find a way to get a discount. One of my best friends in the online shopping world is Here you can find a coupon code for just about anything online.

For dining out I  use to get wonderful deals on some great restaurants. The bonus on this website is that my husband and I don’t feel as guilty dining at fine end places or just trying out a new restaurant because we usually save at least $50.00 per meal!

As a CT resident another up and coming popular website is The nice part about this website is that you are not bombarded with emails. You get one email a day and often times they are amazing discounts! A co-worker of mine got a massage and facial for 55% off!

With the holidays coming it is important to get your holiday cards out and make a few special gifts for family and with that comes one of my all-time favorite stationary websites...! Make sure you sign-up for their emails! I just got 30 photo Holiday cards and two photo wall calendars for $13.00! Merry Christmas to me!
Just remember this holiday season that it is completely unnecessary to pay shipping on any website and that even if you are venturing out to the mall always check the websites of the stores that you are visiting! Generally when you register your email with a store you receive great coupons in the mail or to your inbox! Just yesterday I got a 25% off coupon for the Gap (photo of vest) if I use my Visa card!

Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping!

Other Popular Discounts: - If you are a AAA Member then use it! Did you know you get 10% off at NY & Co. and 15%-20% Off at Other Places like Retail Outlets and!

With all of these savings it is safe to say that you can always make a few purchases for yourself! Just remember to wrap them up with the rest of the gifts and to mark it "from Santa"!

December 1, 2010

Baby it's warm outside?

Yes, it is December 1st and 56 degrees outside but for anyone living in New England it is understandable that the weather never fits the season. It snows in April, it is warm in the winter, and it rains on your wedding ;) Yet as it turns the first day of December today I still cannot help but think back to the days when I was a little girl when winter was all about sledding, hot chocolate and movies in front of the fire. As we grow up and enter the “big girl” working world I feel as though this is often forgotten. Weekends of what used to be sledding, now turn into home repairs and dinner dates (not that I am complaining because I love to dine out). The weekends fly by and before you know it winter has come and gone. I remember last year thinking that it never actually felt like Christmas. It sounds like a sad comment but everything in my life at that time was wonderful. I just seemed to have missed the fact that my tree was up and my house was decorated!

I guess as we continue to grow up it is important to literally stop and smell the roses, and as for the winter… stop and make that snow angel followed by a big cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire! This winter I will be sure to trade the pumps in for snow boots and dedicate myself to take-in all of the nostalgic opportunities that winter has to offer. This includes taking the time to catch-up with all of my friends, even if it means writing out a few extra special holiday cards this year!

 Although I might not be sledding with my all of my beloved friends this winter, I will be making snowmen with my husband and throwing snowballs with my puppies. Oh and yes, I will be having some "big girl" hot chocolate too!

Places to Visit this winter:
Cafemantic in downtown Willimantic, CT for the Best GHIRARDELLI Hot Chocolate around!
UConn's Ice Rink for some fun times on the ice
Evergreen Walk  for some of the best outdoor/ festive shopping in Connecticut that is also Pet Friendly!