December 1, 2010

Baby it's warm outside?

Yes, it is December 1st and 56 degrees outside but for anyone living in New England it is understandable that the weather never fits the season. It snows in April, it is warm in the winter, and it rains on your wedding ;) Yet as it turns the first day of December today I still cannot help but think back to the days when I was a little girl when winter was all about sledding, hot chocolate and movies in front of the fire. As we grow up and enter the “big girl” working world I feel as though this is often forgotten. Weekends of what used to be sledding, now turn into home repairs and dinner dates (not that I am complaining because I love to dine out). The weekends fly by and before you know it winter has come and gone. I remember last year thinking that it never actually felt like Christmas. It sounds like a sad comment but everything in my life at that time was wonderful. I just seemed to have missed the fact that my tree was up and my house was decorated!

I guess as we continue to grow up it is important to literally stop and smell the roses, and as for the winter… stop and make that snow angel followed by a big cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire! This winter I will be sure to trade the pumps in for snow boots and dedicate myself to take-in all of the nostalgic opportunities that winter has to offer. This includes taking the time to catch-up with all of my friends, even if it means writing out a few extra special holiday cards this year!

 Although I might not be sledding with my all of my beloved friends this winter, I will be making snowmen with my husband and throwing snowballs with my puppies. Oh and yes, I will be having some "big girl" hot chocolate too!

Places to Visit this winter:
Cafemantic in downtown Willimantic, CT for the Best GHIRARDELLI Hot Chocolate around!
UConn's Ice Rink for some fun times on the ice
Evergreen Walk  for some of the best outdoor/ festive shopping in Connecticut that is also Pet Friendly!



  1. Was that hot chocolate cafe around when we were in college? I don't remember it. But I do remember sledding with our own hot chocolate! :)

  2. No, it's a new modern coffee shop and it's very nice! If you come to visit I will take you there!

  3. I remember the sledding!!! Miss is so much!!! I miss the care free years!!!