January 5, 2011

So Sweet 2011!

Let’s Go 2011!
Since the overload of holiday sweets is FINALLY over it is time to get back on track and bring in the New Year with some Healthy and Tasty treats! Going through sugar withdrawal is not a fun process but luckily the new trend of 2011 has already been added to my pantry and is the next new best thing! What is it you ask? It’s Agave Nectar! This sweet substitute to sugar has little calories and no harsh chemicals, it is all natural!

I have been researching what my first trial baking would be with this Agave since it already use it in my coffee and on fruit and I stumbled across this wonderful recipe on Baking Bites. I cannot wait to get back from vacation (which will be another Detox in itself) and try out this delicious concoction!

Photo from Baking Bites

I will keep you updated on how it turns out! Happy 2011 Everyone and Check out Baking Bites for MANY Wonderful and Exciting Recipes!

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